Face Yoga: an ally for life!

Facial yoga is a multidisciplinary method originating from Hatha and Yin Yoga, a Chinese cultural tradition. Hatha Yoga means the union of the moon and the sun, and therefore refers to the alliance of our two polarities: Yin and Yang.

Yoga for the Face: an ally for natural health

Hatha Yoga, from which facial yoga originates, has a saying: "a healthy mind in a healthy body".

Also, it is first necessary to start purifying and detoxifying your mind from all the daily worries. They somehow make you lose your self-confidence. In a society where we live at a hundred miles an hour, we are often divided between personal and professional obligations. Faced with this situation, facial yoga allows us to learn alternate breathing exercises. These practices are also common to sophrology.

Start by sitting down, anchoring your feet firmly in the ground and clearing your mind of all forms of stress. The rest of this simple exercise will allow your mind to focus on your breathing. Breathe in deeply through your nose, feel your breath inflate your diaphragm, the breath is placed in the belly. Then exhale slowly through your nose. This deep breathing exercise brings a natural serenity to your body and mind. An ideal exercise before going to bed for example, especially for people prone to panic attacks.

The practice of alternate breathing can also be used to awaken the energy of the body during the day. Still sitting, breathe in deeply through your nose. Only this time, you will exhale in jerks, making as much noise as possible. As if you were running or doing a sport. Your blood pressure will be stimulated and you will gain energy to finish your day without feeling tired!

Facial yoga: the natural solution to age-related complexes!

It's no secret that time passes inexorably.

But in a society that puts youth first, it is possible to reduce the signs of premature aging naturally. All with a few simple tools like your hands. They help you accept yourself better! The results are guaranteed to last.

For facial yoga, several methods exist to teach you how to reduce, or even make disappear the signs of aging such as expression lines. Moreover, this yoga can allow you to erase certain complexes. In particular an asymmetry of the eyescausing a drooping upper eyelid called Ptosis. Or even the double chinwhich is an engorgement of the submental area due to the non solicitation of the platysma muscle. When we do not use a muscle, it tends to soften and cause a relaxation accentuated by gravity. Facial gymnastics allows you to tone up your facial and neck muscles in depth, in order to avoid or correct these relaxations. You will find a face resplendent with health!

Wrinkles are caused by the lack of collagen production in our skin, which starts at the age of 25-30. Collagen is no longer sufficient to moisturize our epidermis. Logically, it loses its natural elasticity, causing first fine lines, then wrinkles, a cracking dryness of the skin. To combat this, facial yoga recommends self-massages with a Guacha or with the fingertips. Spread your wrinkles perpendicularly after lightly pinching them in order to reactivate the lymphatic blood circulation. An exercise to do every day when applying your natural cosmetics!

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