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A post to announce today a partnership that is close to our hearts.

Since our creation we have committed ourselves to PETA to not have any product tested on animals. And after having our range validated, they awarded us their label.

In this way, we contribute at our level to the setting up of operations to raise public awareness of the animal cause as a whole.

For us it could not be otherwise.

To want to market products for a majority of vegans and not commit to protecting animals from testing would have been nonsense.

And what else?

But today we wish to go further, to bring our commitment to cure the ills that can affect you and transpose it to animal life:

Firstly, by continuing our work to raise awareness of the animal cause. Always with PETA. And by continuing not to test on animals.

But also, and since that day, in the commitment to wildlife by actively participating in the rehabilitation of animals mistreated, with unsuitable living conditions or illegally held.

That is why we are pleased to announce our partnership with the association

"TONGA land of welcome

Logo TONGA land of welcome

This association was created in 2008 and bears the name of the first resident who was able to benefit from a home and by the occasion who could be saved. a hippopotamus named TONGA.

Held at the time by a circus which did not have the necessary authorizations to keep him and in which he did not have the care adapted to his state of health. The zoological park of saint martin la plaine The zoological park of Paris accepted to take him in while waiting to find a better place for him to live. Thanks to the zoo and the support of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, the mammal was sent to Sanwild, a 6000 hectare reserve in South Africa.

Since the association bears his name and continues the rescues more and more unusual as in December 2020 with the reception of 10 tigers (Yma, Tara, Sumak, Junior, Begum, Ashley, Rani, Oona, Hister and Douglas). Seized at the same circus, the felines, with a much better state of health, are still in the enclosures of the association, which are juxtaposed of the zoological park, to finish their adaptation and found confidence in the man.

These happy stories are just a few of the many rescues carried out in this unique centre in France, which has already taken in over 400 animals!

If you wish to know more about their actions, please consult their website very enriching.

Do not hesitate to discover also the zoo of saint-martin la plaine which is affiliated. This zoo was created by M. pierre THIVILLON in the 70s. A passionate man with a big heart who lives with his animals. And as often behind a great man there is a woman with a big heart Eliane THIVILLON takes an active part in this beautiful adventure.

So what is our involvement in all this?

We, we commit ourselves to offer to the association 1 euro by article bought on our shop.

So you will do yourself good with vegan products and made in France, while allowing animals in distress to have a chance to return to their natural environment or to spend peaceful days in a dedicated structure and respectful of their well-being.

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