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S'sense Minceur is a tri-layer slimming food supplement, based on tea and cola, which acts on 3 areas. It limits the absorption of calories with caffeine and cola, while acting as an appetite suppressant thanks to oats. Finally, it is supplemented with vitamins and minerals so as not to create a deficiency, allowing you to keep all your energy.

This dietary supplement for weight loss contains everything you need to help you reach your goals, without running out of energy! Three layers for three effective actions to support you in your weight loss.




S'sense Minceur allows you to lose weight thanks to its appetite suppressant action! It allows to limit the feeling of hunger. An effective natural solution to help you feel good about your body, every day. Moreover, this food supplement contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary for your well-being. You are in good shape and you can feel it!

List of active ingredients: Dry extract of green tea leaf, kola seed, oat seed, guarana seed, hibiscus, cinnamon.

To be effective, don't forget to eat a healthy and balanced diet every day.

Its advantages

Made in France

Contains green tea solids

Labelled Vegan

The "all-in-one" slimming formulation of S'sense vegetal is a three-layer technology tablet combining fat burners, an anti-fatigue agent (essential during a diet) and active hunger suppressants so as not to waste it all on a temptation!

S'sense minceur from S'sense vegetal is ideal for diets.

Conditions of use : Swallow 1 tablet per day with a large glass of water in the middle of a meal.

Health claims

Natural green tea extract with EGCG helps to increase metabolism and stimulate fat oxidation.

Kola helps to accompany the slimming process.

Vitamin C and vitamin B3 help to reduce fatigue.

Vitamin B6, magnesium and iron contribute to a normal energy metabolism.

Chromium helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Magnesium helps reduce fatigue.

The consumption ofoats leads to satiety and helps in the control of the weight by this action.

Guarana strengthens immunity, suppresses hunger and fatigue.

How to use this food supplement?

 Tablet to be taken with water during a meal, preferably in the morning or at noon. To be used as a 90-day cure.

Additional information


24 Calories


Certified Vegan, Made In France


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