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Want to lose weight? Need to feel more comfortable in your body? Or simply the desire to slim down or to be more serene during meals.

This natural food supplement made from a combination of plants, will allow you to reduce the absorption of fat. You know you're going to have a heavy meal but you can't escape it. You don't want to be asked too many questions? Take S'sense attractive.



Natural cure designed to help you lose weight effectively thanks to medicinal plants, S'sense attractif is a soft and natural solution not to disturb your body facing a diet. Made from prickly pear with a patented molecule Neopuntia also called NOPAL. It contains natural active ingredients that allow your body to function properly.

Keep out of reach of children, it is not a food suitable for them.

List of ingredients : Neopuntia (from prickly pear), acacia gum, elderberry juice, madagascar cinnamon, guarana. Anti-agglomerants: sucroesters of fatty acid, magnesium carbonate; sweetener: sucralose, chromium picolinate.

In detail, the nopal (Neopuntia) accompanies the slimming gently by absorbing bad fats and sugar. Indicated in particular to lose belly. Chromium helps to maintain a normal level of blood sugar, helped by elderberry which contributes to a slower assimilation of sugars in the blood. A formula developed for natural results! Of course, to be effective, these supplements must be included in a healthy and balanced daily diet.

The advantages of this natural cure

Made in France

Cladodes of opuntia ficus indica

(prickly pear)

Labelled Vegan 

When we are on a diet, it is generally to lose weight as quickly as possible. Then begins the alternating period of dieting and frustration....

But to overcome its extra pounds, no need to remove everything we like to eat daily! The Neopuntia ®(prickly pear) contained in the natural cure S'sense attractive, absorbs fats and sugars, while promoting weight loss. A medicinal plant ideal for sustainable slimming. 

Active ingredients: Neopuntia ®, cinnamon, chrome and elderberry.

  • Chromium and elderberry promote the slow assimilation of sugars and help maintain normal blood sugar levels to curb hunger.
  • Prickly pear : Accompanies slimming and absorbs fats and sugars.
  • Chromium: Chromium helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.
  • Elderberry: Encourages the slow assimilation of sugars to avoid the irresistible urge to eat.

All the medicinal plants contained in this natural cure help you to control your sugar level, decrease your appetite, contributes to the metabolization of fats. This naturally helps you to control your weight.

How to take S'sense attractive to enjoy your meal without feeling guilty?

Take one stick 15 to 60 minutes maximum after meals. To be diluted in a glass of water. Up to 2 meals per day. Maximum 2 sticks (2 meals) per day.

Additional information


Certified Vegan, Made In France

Active ingredients

Ingredients: NeOpuntiaTM : patented opuntia ficus indica (nopal) cladode powder; bulking agent : acacia gum; dehydrated elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) juice concentrate; sweetener : sorbitol; flavouring; madagascar cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum J. Presl); anti-caking agents: fatty acid sucroesters, magnesium carbonates; sweetener: sucralose; chromium picolinate.
NeOpuntia TM is a trademark of Nexira


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