Lose weight quickly

A life with a lot of stress and a diet that is often very rich with little physical activity. All the elements are there to gain weight.

This is often the reason why we want to lose weight quickly. To achieve these goals, plants for weight loss are not often imagined, yet they have many advantages.

Some will say that thinness should not be a permanent search, that it is a diktat and the body positive movement allows people to feel good about their bodies. But beyond the aesthetic aspect, we must not forget that being overweight or overweight leads to health problems in the more or less long term and staying slim is a guarantee of good health well before looking beautiful.

When you notice that you are playing less easily with the children, that cycling, walking or other activities such as gardening become difficult. You have to act to regain your vitality.

The fight against overweight-related diseases.

All medical actors agree on one point: obesity and poor health are closely linked.

We will look at the risks and benefits of slimming down but not necessarily "slimming down quickly". Then we will talk about dietary advice and what phytotherapy can do for you.

Cardiovascular diseases :

Having a BMI below 25 reduces the risk of disease by 25-50%, including heart-related diseases. This is because excess fat damages the organs and changes the chemistry of our body.

To lose weight is therefore to preserve oneself, as many diseases are revealed in overweight people. Blood pressure problems, high cholesterol which causes atherosclerosis, diabetes and strokes

Diabetes :

Type 2 or type 1 diabetes develops twice as much in people who are overweight compared to those with a stable and lower weight. The body naturally lowers blood sugar levels in a slim person. Controlling body mass is therefore a way to fight diabetes and the risks that accompany it, such as amputation of limb extremities or irreversible blindness.

A cure for cancer :

Cancer and weight are not directly linked by scientific studies, but the majority of specialists agree that a balanced diet is effective in protecting against cancer, particularly because it provides a greater variety of protective elements such as antioxidants than if you have an unbalanced diet.

Relieve joint pain, arthritis or gout

Losing weight allows you to relieve your joints and muscles and to improve your blood circulation, while strengthening your venous system by avoiding atherosclerotic plaques which can partially obstruct your blood vessels.

Losing weight for your well-being

Having a BMI below 25 helps to combat poor sleep, bad moods and various aches and pains.

Not being overweight allows for better sleep due to better oxygenation of the body. Weight loss in sleep apnoea sufferers significantly improves their condition and symptoms.

Other benefits come with weight loss

- – Less back problems

- – Less physical pain

- – Less worry about menstruation and pregnancy

- – Easier digestion with lower risk of gallstones


Feeling good about yourself, but not only

Let's face it, when you feel fit and good about yourself, you're in a good mood and you have energy. This state of mind leads to greater self-confidence, a high level of self-esteem and good health. With happiness hormones that boost the body. And a more balanced synthesis of a cocktail of hormones.

Restful sleep

Stronger people often have less restful sleep due to various factors such as excessive sweating during the night, they suffer more easily from loud snoring, sleep apnea and night wakings.


How to lose weight quickly?

If you are convinced, you should go on to the next step, not go on a diet that will be frustrating and where the pounds will come back as quickly as they left.

We will give you some healthy habits to lose weight without getting frustrated and to keep your weight in shape.

Tips for losing weight naturally

- Drink water: yes, drinking water is the first thing you should do and in sufficient quantity will help to eliminate toxins and ensure good muscle circulation. Drinking a litre of water can increase the body's metabolism by 20-30% and help burn fat.

- Eat more protein as a rule and have eggs for breakfast. American scientists have proven that eating eggs reduces hunger and calorie intake.

- Drink green tea: A cup of green tea contains twice as much anti-oxidant as black tea because it is not fermented after picking. And in addition to their beneficial effect on the body's cells, it is a compound that regulates weight and reduces visceral fat. The ones responsible for belly fat. A super slimming ally approved by numerous studies.

In addition, green tea increases thermogenesis, i.e. it increases the metabolism and is a super fat burner like kola and guarana.

- Reduce sugar: Especially the added sugar that is ubiquitous in our modern diet. Refined sugar and hidden sugar.

- Eat on small plates and yes, seeing your plate full will already help you reduce your portions and therefore your calorie intake.

- Practise a sporting activity: in the event of significant excess weight, you should start again with gentle activities and in low proportions so as not to traumatise the joints, muscles and bones. After a few weeks, you can start to gradually increase the intensity of your favourite sport.

- Eat fibre: this allows you to concentrate on fruit and vegetables and therefore to abandon foods that are potentially more fatty and therefore more energetic.

- Do not eat processed foods: Processed foods, i.e. in principle not whole, are very bad for your weight loss goal.

- Chew slowly: Chewing your food well allows the brain to bring on the feeling of fullness more quickly.

- Sleep well: sleep is restorative and as we have seen above it also brings a whole host of benefits to our bodies. Sleep deprivation is a modern evil, with the French lacking more than 2 hours of sleep per day in 2020. In case of sleep problems we have a cure of vegetable melatonin made for you.

- Relax: easier said than done, and if stress makes your best friend slimmer, that's not the case for most people who tend to gain weight in times of intense stress. So relax with our relaxing cure.

And to lose weight quickly, two rules are immutable: burn more calories and consume fewer calories on your plate.

It is therefore necessary to have a low-calorie diet that will be adapted to your metabolism and to consume foods that allow you to burn the calories stored in your body more quickly, such as the green tea we have seen.

We recommend two other plants for slimming, known as fat burners: kola and guarana.

- – Cola the top fat burning food its seed contains nutrients that allow the body to activate efficiently. By increasing your metabolism you will be more alert, energetic and ready to face your marathon days.

- – Guarana is a fruit that has been used for centuries in South America to fight hunger in times of shortage. It is a food rich in caffeine, much more than coffee.

These two plants used in phytotherapy can be supplemented by an appetite suppressant which will prevent cravings and therefore help to combat unchecked calorie intake.

One food that lends itself well to this is oats, an excellent appetite suppressant that regulates blood sugar levels and prevents both small and large hunger pangs. A permanent feeling of satiety without This cereal is great for helping you lose weight.

For you, S'sense vegetal has put together these foods in one slimming cure triple action to be taken before a meal and which will make you lose weight quickly.

With these tips and our programme you are ready for a natural, effective and body-friendly diet.

If your goal is to reduce visceral fat, we have 3 tips for losing belly fat:

- – Avoid foods that make you bloated, because yes, it is often a simple swelling due to the fermentation of food that causes this small bulge. So avoid refined sugar again, dried vegetables if they are not cooked with baking soda, dairy products in the evening, chewing gum to avoid aerophagia.

- – Do some targeted exercises with some crunches first. Then abdomen exercises later.

- – Learning to breathe well with your belly will work your muscles and viscera.


Finally if you want to keep your figure like a queen then we have for you the diet of the Queen of England Elizabeth II.

Protocol and the Queen's desire to stay fit mean that Elizabeth II follows a very strict diet.

So much so that many foods are simply banned from his diet.

No shellfish, no raw meat or fish, no foods that give bad breath such as garlic or certain spices.

Starchy foods of any kind are not royal enough and are therefore excluded from his plates.


And at 95 years of age, this seems to be working for him, so if you can do the same, go ahead. Otherwise, we suggest that in the case of large meals, you take a powerful fat catcher which allows you to indulge yourself without feeling guilty.

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