Slimming cures with medicinal plants

promo s'sense vegetal

In addition to the use of phytotherapy in our natural wellness cures, we also use it to develop naturally effective slimming cures. For this, we rely once again on the virtues of medicinal plants. Of course, all the natural cures in this range, of which there are two, are entirely designed and manufactured in France:

To begin with, let's detail the composition of our vegan slimming cure S'sense minceur. This program is ideal when you want to lose weight. Thanks to its green tea composition, it acts as a natural fat burner. Indeed, this medicinal plant which is generally consumed in drink allows to activate the metabolism, thus accelerating naturally the combustion of calories. Moreover, this slimming cure is also composed of guarana seeds and kola nuts. Two medicinal plants well known in phytotherapy to promote weight loss and burn fat. Finally, this slimming cure could not be as effective without the vitamins and minerals it contains. For example magnesium, a mineral known to help transform body fat into energy!

As you can see, our natural fat burner is not the only one in our range of slimming cures. In it, you can also find our attractive S'sense program. But what are the differences between these two natural cures? To put it simply, unlike S'sense minceur, this is not a fat burner, but a gentle slimming cure. Composed of prickly pear, elderberry juice and cinnamon from Madagascar, it naturally regulates blood sugar levels. An interesting characteristic to limit the breakage during the greedy periods, like the festivals of end of the year in particular.

Finally, whichever slimming cure you choose from our range, you should know that they are both labelled vegan. This makes them suitable for all diets.