Who are we?

Natural food supplements based on medicinal plants

We are a French company that offers natural food supplements made on a vegetable basis with medicinal plants and manufactured in France. 

Based in a green mountainous region, we are committed to protecting our environment and the health of all. By using the phytotherapy for the conception, we commit ourselves to do the maximum to relieve you in your evils, to bring you quietude and zenitude. Our proposal is not only based on our food supplementsOur proposal is not only based on our products, it is rather a state of mind and a lifestyle that respects your deepest nature.

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A word from the founder

"I would like to explain my approach and the reason for the existence of S'sense Vegetal.

It all started with an observation that I have shared for many years with my wife, a doctor in a university hospital.

An increasing demand from the population. So-called alternative treatments by modern medicine, which are in fact traditional "empirical" medicine. A medicine that has proven itself over the centuries for everyday ailments, phytotherapy…..

In search of your natural well-being

We are first and foremost people looking for a balance between the demands of modern life and the visceral call of a life closer to nature.

By taking into account all the elements that constitute it. This is why your well-being is our priority.

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S'sense vegetal listening to your body!

In order to meet your numerous expectations and to guide you in the choice of your cures, but also to accompany you during them, we have set up a relational service composed of people trained in our phytotherapy products.

This 0 809 542 400 is dedicated and does not involve any additional cost for you. It is accessible from 9am to 6pm without interruption.

With your customer number you have privileged access to our help service to act on your daily ailments.

Whether it's for joint pain, sleep disorders or weight loss we are there.

We commit ourselves to guide you in the choice of your food supplementsbut also to give you all the advice that will improve your situation.

If you wish, after a questionnaire, we can answer your expectations and set up together the daily actions that will allow us to meet your needs.

This issue is a natural extension of our life philosophy, "To listen to our community and pass on natural best practices to improve daily life".

This system is completed by an instant conversation service accessible on our site at the same times and of course our email address available 24 hours a day.

At S'sense vegetal we support and accompany you in a real concern for your daily well-being.

Trust S'sense vegetal, contact your wellness coach.

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